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  • Accident & Incident Management
  • Audit & Inspection
  • QHSE App for Compliance on the go
  • Document Management
  • Integrated Tasks and Calendar
  • QHSE Charts and reports
  • E-Training and Assessment of Employees
  • Improvements & Non-Conformances
  • Risk Management
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All Your QHSE Compliance Needs in One Easy to Use Integrated Solution.


If You Think Mango Can Help You with your QHSE Compliance…  You’re Probably Right.


Why not speak to one of our Consultants about how Mango can help solve your QHSE compliance problems, and arrange a demo.

Accident & Incident Management

Most organisations suffer from an unnecessarily high volume of incidents and accidents because they fail to identify the root causes and establish preventative actions.

The Accident/Incident module will highlight root causes and linkage with the improvement module will ensure preventive actions are implemented.

Audit & Inspection


For many organisations, compliance audits & inspections are perceived as a painful and thankless task.

Mango creates and schedules audits, controls your non-conformances more effectively and monitors the history to identify recurring issues and to drive improvements.

Document Management

Many businesses suffer from the same issues when it comes to documentation and information control.

The key is having a central document repository to ensure all your employees are able to find information easily and to ensure they are always using the correct (current) version, as well as being able to track what information they have accessed.

Improvements & Non-Conformances

Not only do most organisations struggle to effectively manage their improvements and non-conformances, they also fail to adequately maintain their systems.

Mango allows you to easily maintain and effectively manage all your improvements and non-conformances from one place and with the prompted workflow to ensure that timely follow up action is always taken.

QHSE Charts & Reports

In business, it can be hard to identify trends and areas for improvement. That’s why charts are a great tool to display the data in a clear and easy to analyse format.

Mango’s charts module can display data from the Accident/Incident Module and the Improvement Module.

Mobile App


The Mango QHSE App, available for iPhone or Android devices, enables you to manage your QHSE responsibilities from one place … your pocket! The Mango App is ideally suited for accident and incident reporting, audits and inspections, improvement reporting and investigation and plant and equipment data entry and maintenance.

Risk Management


Risk management systems need to be more than a passive list sitting in a manual. Most organisations struggle to make the risk management process visible to employees and to ensure an easy method for identifying, recording and controlling risk.

It’s also vital that regular checking of identified risk controls is not forgotten or incomplete.

Integrated Tasks & Calendar

Lots of businesses struggle to manage to complete their compliance obligations on time as the actions are typically buried in spreadsheets, procedures or in minutes from meetings.  If employees don’t know where to find the information, then these items just won’t get done. With Mango’s personalised dashboard, your employees can see all thier activities on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and receive regular reminders for due tasks.


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