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ISO and GRC Management software

Smart ISO Manager provides a collaborative environment where everyone can participate in the compliance activity, sharing knowledge & experience for the benefit of the organisation.

  • Document Management
  • Audit & Inspection
  • Risk Management
  • Continual Improvement
  • Asset and Equipment Maintenance
  • Information and Data Security
  • Operations
  • People
  • Communications

All Your ISO & GRC Compliance Needs in One Integrated Solution.

  • A cloud-based integrated business management system
  • Founded on the ISO framework
  • Adopts a process centric approach
  • Helps to greatly simplify the way in which organisations control and manage their Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • System developed from basic user upwards – creating a collaborative environment where everyone in the organisation can participate in the compliance activity
  • Provides GRC compliance evidence when needed for customers, third parties & regulators.
  • Helps to drive continual improvement through an organisation

Smart ISO Manager is built on the proven, powerful, yet simple to use modular platform, which is suitable for any sized organisation, whether you are looking to manage your ISO certification(s) or your wider Governance, Risk and Compliance activity at an enterprise level.

You can start with just the functionality you require to meet your current compliance requirements and then add more functionality over time.

Over 6,000 users across more than 150 businesses globally are now successfully engaging with the platform daily to manage all their ISO and wider compliance activity which is saving them considerable time and money from their previous disparate paper-based manual systems.  There is typically around a 50% time-saving for the average compliance department.

If you are looking for ISO or GRC software, then please come and talk to us about Smart ISO Manager and book in a demo.

Document Management

Many businesses suffer from the same issues when it comes to documentation and information access and control.

The key is having a centralised document register enabling employees to quickly and easily find just the information they require to undertake their job function and to ensure they are always using the current version, as well as being able to track and get read/review sign off on information they have accessed.

Smart ISO Manager provides access to documents and processes based on the Job Profile, associated level of sensitivity and site(s) where the job profile is active.


Audit & Inspection

For many organisations, planning and undertaking compliance audits and inspections can be a painful and thankless task and at times can easily be overlooked.

Smart ISO Manager creates and schedules audits, either using a simple Quick Check Yes/No answer format or as an advanced Pro Check which is more suitable for higher level compliance audits and is supported by conditional logic.  Evidence can be linked, and tasks and non-conformances raised directly. Photos can also be attached when audits are undertaken via the web app.


Risk Management

Most organisations lack the infrastructure and systems to make the risk management process visible to employees and to provide an efficient method for identifying, recording, and controlling risk.

Smart ISO Manager provides 360-degree holistic visibility over your risk landscape using ISO methodology to identify and maintain all risk areas. It allows internal and external users to enter risks quickly and easily into the risk register with evidence, and with resulting tasks being allocated and non-conformances being raised.

To support all areas of risk the system also includes the Environmental Aspects and Impacts and substances hazardous to health registers.  

Improvements & Non-Conformances

Many businesses are not capturing and managing their improvements and non-conformances effectively.

Smart ISO Manager allows your internal or external users to easily raise suggestions for improvements, with their associated reasons and potential benefits and these are then captured in a change management register for evaluation resulting in either acceptance or rejection.  Non-conformances can be raised from audits, with tasks allocated and the audit cannot be closed off until all tasks have been completed

Assets – Maintenance, Inspection & Calibration

Inadequate maintenance of plant and equipment can expose your employees to the risks of working with unsafe equipment, as well as resulting in unnecessary downtime leading to loss in productivity, expensive unnecessary repair bills and late delivery of jobs leading to dissatisfied customers.  Smart ISO Manager can monitor any asset or equipment right through to the end of its lifecycle which can be linked to infrastructure, processes and risks. The asset register will show a list of all assets showing current status and maintenance, inspection and calibration results. The asset planner provides a scheduled programme of planned maintenance with activities generating automatic notifications to the asset owner.


Information Security Management

The daily rise in security breaches with the associated financial consequences and damage to brand reputation, means that every organisation now needs to adopt a proactive approach towards information security threats and to implementing best practices to minimise threats.

Smart ISO Manager provides a suite of tools relating to GDPR and information protection including a statement of applicability relating to ISO 27001.

Process Management


The process approach is the logical way in which management controls an organisation and Smart ISO Manager places processes at the centre of all activity relating to communications and control. All activities in the system are directly accessible from and linked to processes.


It’s a well-known fact that for any business its people are its most valuable asset, yet so many businesses still hold incomplete and out of date employee records which are often in paper-based HR systems or spreadsheets.


Smart ISO Manager holds roles, responsibilities and authorities for each job role and Teams is the method of linking individuals and communicating tasks. Training and competency records are stored in the system and appended to each user.



Objectives can be entered in the system with a target figure and ownership applied with a review date to generate notifications. To simplify the review and monitoring of an objective, a checklist can be added and when this has been completed it will update the objective or KPI displayed in the register.

Personalised Dashboards

Maximising users’ engagement with any system is very dependent on an easy to use interface with simple navigation to timely and relevant information.


Smart ISO Manager provides a personalised configurable user dashboard which restricts visibility to functionality based on a user’s profile. This is based on three dimensions – the User’s Job Role, the associated sensitivity level, and the site(s) where the job role is active.

Task Management


Many businesses struggle to keep up to date with meeting their compliance obligations, primarily down to the fact that all the actions are split across disparate spreadsheets, procedures, and minutes from meetings.  If employees can’t find this information easily, then these actions quite simply won’t get done. With Smart ISO Manager, tasks can be allocated to an individual, team or site and are classified as urgent, scheduled, or recurring with associated notifications. All communication of tasks is linked to activities to provide an evidential trail of actions


Meeting Management

Scheduling, attending, and managing the output of meetings is a time-consuming activity for any business and this increases in complexity as an organisation grows.

Smart ISO Manager enables you to easily schedule meetings, invite participants, produce agendas, manage minutes, and allocate tasks and monitor and manage the completion of actions

Supplier Management

Effective management of an organisation’s end to end supply chain is an integral element of ISO standards, but, for any business, its overall performance is dependent on the successful output of the activities undertaken by its suppliers and sub-contractors. However, all too often, this activity is being inadequately managed through multiple disparate paper-based systems. The supplier register contains records with supplier contact details, their approved products and services, supplier owned documentation, and performance evaluation records and scoring metrics.


Many businesses are drowning with multiple sources of data but lack the real-time centralised business information which can be used to easily identify trends and areas for improvement.

Smart ISO Manager provides graphs and pie charts relating to risks and improvements. There is also the option for enhanced reporting through the add on of Amazon QuickSight business intelligence.

Progressive Web App for remote working

With workforces now increasingly spending more time working remotely, it is key that any core business system can be accessed anywhere from any device to ensure productivity is maximised.


The full functionality of Smart ISO Manager can be accessed from any mobile device through the progressive web app.

Legal Register

Every company has to comply with legislation related to the specific scope of their business and failure to do so can result in significant fines or even a jail sentence for the directors of the business. However, this often comes to the foreground when a company is embarking on a journey of getting certified to ISO 14001 (Environmental), ISO 45001 (Health and Safety) and ISO 27001 (Data Security). Smart ISO Manager provides a legal register which users can view and administrators can edit with review dates generated with associated notifications to ensure the business remains compliant.

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