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All Your Legal Compliance in One place.

Tracking and understanding the specific regulations which are applicable to your organisation to ensure you are compliant, can be time-consuming, laborious and costly.

LUS is a simple to use cloud-based platform which instantly delivers only the applicable legislative documentation to your users based on their operations and site.

Why not speak to one of our Consultants about how we can help you track and stay compliant with legislation quickly, simply and cost-effectively.

Customised Legal Registers

LUS collates and tracks the specific laws which relate to your site and operation and then presents your users with a customised legal register containing only the relevant and applicable legal requirements.

Secure Cloud-based System

LUS is a secure cloud-based system which enables you to store your compliance documentation centrally for access from anywhere at any time by an unlimited number of users across your entire organisation.


Search by Topic

Your users don’t need to be legally trained or even to have an understanding of your end to end business operations to be able to find the applicable legal obligations relating to the operations at their site. LUS’s powerful search function makes this a very quick and simple task, delivering the appropriate legislative documentation instantly.


The platform delivers simple summaries of the legal text which make it far easier for users to understand what the law requires. This can offer a quicker and more cost-effective option than having to pay for this to be done by a legally trained professional.

Updates and Notifications

Your legal requirements are constantly evolving and keeping up to date with changes can be very time-consuming and laborious and gets more complex when you have operations which span multiple jurisdictions. LUS proactively alerts you via a notification on the platform or by email of any change in law relevant to your operations.

Activity Tracker

 The activity tracker ensures your team members are always aligned. It allows a user to upload notes from a site visit for others to view and take appropriate action

Built in Translation Capability

For companies operating globally, LUS’s in-built translation capability enables users to read summaries of legal text in their native language.


Intergration with 3rd Party Systems

LUS has an Open API which allows it to integrate with other third-party systems including Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) systems, risk assessments and audit reporting.


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